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16th - Mar - 2010 - 02:51 pm - Ok enn mælti hún:
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Omigud, you guys. YOU GUYS. I got my BA-paper topic, finally. Guess what it is? That's right.


- The Sense of Honor during Viking Times: Dealing with the thickheadedness of super machos

You know what that means!!

Jomsvikings: check
Skaldic poetry: check
Sagas: check
Nordic Mythology*: check
Furious berserks: check
Wimpering, effeminate Christians: check
Pillage, rape and plunder. En masse: check
Lulzy adventures of kings with hilarious soubriquets: check
Hero worship and phallic symbols. No Homo: check
Lucca being ecstatic: double check


Can I say WIN?

Oh yeah, does anyone of you guys go to the CIL/LBM this weekend? :>

* starring: Odin the Woman.
21st - Oct - 2009 - 02:47 am - Guh.
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Still crushing hard. Ahahahaha *sobs* So much that I want to learn how to draw his face without a ref. It's not easy, I think I haven't drawn so much in the last three months as I've been drawing lately. Practice practice practice.... God, he looks so great He's so small and yet all muscly and wiry *Q* that little psychopath.

Oh, did I mention Watchmen has everthing MTL-fandom hasn't? You know like.... SEX POLLEN FICs. I kid you not. I've always missed that with MTL, those dumb standard-plots with lotsa PWP-Sex. Maybe the series was too brutal and SRS BSNSS to even consider going where every fandom (usually) goes. That'd been awesome, tho. Maybe with the coming new season? Lets hope.

Am still amazed about all the many Nite Owl/Rorschach fics I find. And they are all so, so well written. It really blows my mind, how do they even... JUST CRAZY HOW GOOD THEY ARE D: They manage to capture Rorschach's voice and emotions spot on, especially when coupled with Daniel's awkwardness (and god, is he ever awkward around him xD)

I still cannot decide what's better, tho: Hobo!Walter or "Tailor!Schach" xD (Whoever came up with THAT particular term, pfffffhahahaha). Mwah, Walter sewing ♥♥ *giggles like a schoolgirl*

I feel delightfully indecent and it came all at the right time. Or worst time, depends on the POV. University POV = not so good, because I daydream and draw and don't do my work. Don't even listen to other students when they talk to me. I zoom out all the time gah T_T I AM WEAK. ON THE OTHER HAND... it's wonderfully sinful in a way and great and just unf. The best part about is that he dies at the end. It's so damn tragic and makes your heart ache and yet... you can't help but wonder about him, his life, his morals...

Yeah I'm babbling SO WHAT

;_; I bet everybody hates me now for talking about Rorschach constantly His middle name is Joseph, holy fuck, someone shoot me, I don't think I can handle the cuteness D: But here's the good news: I'M SAHWWWRY!
14th - Sep - 2009 - 02:50 pm - Dragonlance of the Hourglass Mage
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Fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

Raistlin is such a sap. Carrying the guilt and memories of his brother all around him even tho HE HATES HOW SENTIMENTAL HE IS ABOUT HIM. I swear he thinks about Caramon all the time. His brother is haunting his very thoughts. He's also extremely obsessing over his betrayal when he left his friends to die in the mealstrom like whoa. Not making this shit up. ALSO HIS COUGH IS GONE AND HE IS SORT-OF-HEALTHY AGAIN. I never imagined Raistlin how I am imagine him during this book (look wise and body-movementwise)... my little boy grew up ;_;
And! Aaaaaand he was described as handsome O_O (if his face wasn't so drawn etc etc BUT HE IS HANDSOME YES I KNEW IT. BISHI-RAISTLIN)
Also also: Ppl keep calling him Raist, even tho HE HATES IT xD Only his brother is allowed to, mimimimimimi

And what is that? Oh oh oh? A sort of love interest for him AFTER ALL THESE YEARS? Can it be? At least she doesn't have a stupid name like Crysania. Frrrt. Iolanthe makes him uncomfortable with being all touchy and world-woman-like around him. It's so cute when he blushes and goes all "PLZ NO TOUCHY *flinch/jerk*" I know I am breaking some unspoken law here but man, I HOPE HE WILL LOSE HIS VIRGINITY IN THIS BOOK that would make me go all "ROFLHAHAHA how did that happen?" It'd amuse me as much as his dumb, teenage-boyish dreams about being all mighty and super-cool. Ach, the ambitious youth...

But really, omg. This book... Raistlin is actually NORMAL and sort-of nice as a default mood. What happened to you Raistlinnnnnnn. You know you want your brother to make the TEA FOR YOU AND BE ALL BITCHY AGAIN. You already cried about it on page 87! Evil, scary, ruthless dark robed mage my ass! You fool nobody. And stop making friends with Kenders already, damn it.


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