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23rd - Apr - 2011 - 11:54 pm - Just a thought
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I know you're probably upset with me for suggesting that it might not be wise to complain about others not crediting your work when you constantly delete things. I apologize for that. I didn't realize there were other contributing factors.

But now my curiosity is piqued. You are very talented, and even if I'm not interested in the particular fandom, I can still appreciate the work that you put into each drawing. I admit that I think it's a bit sad that you don't draw original work and only focus on fanart, but that's me being selfish to see what you'd come up with on your own.

So where does the passion come from? Is drawing, for you, merely a compulsion? Are fandom and drawing tied together? What would you draw if you didn't draw fanart?

Thank you for answering. -sweet2nothing


if i didn’t draw fanart, i wouldn’t draw anything. i would probably write. or teach earth science.

i like seeing what makes a character look like he does, is all. i like the feeling of putting marks on paper. it’s not really passion. it’s arbitrary.

but i think it’s sad that you wish i drew original work. that’s like saying to someone, “i don’t believe this is really you.”

people who draw original art get praised for their vision and creativity. you don’t have to be familiar with any of their characters, and you don’t have to be in any fandom to know what’s going on. no prior knowledge is required because you love what they do as artists.

but people who draw fanart only get a sidestep reaction. it’s either “i don’t know who this is, but you drew it very well” or “congratulations; you’ve made it look like him. now will you please grow up and stop being silly and draw us something we can actually like?”

you wouldn’t think to say these things to regular artists because regular art is about the artist herself. but fanart? well, that’s okay, because fanart is just a trick. it’s just wasted time.

i think you should stop sending me messages.


I can actually heartily agree with Euclase here. Never saw it like this, but it's true. Not everyone craves to be an 'artist' who makes a living with original art. Maybe out of fear, or lack of support. For some it's a calling, a passion, and they pursue their dreams til the very end no matter what - and that's great! But for me it's a wonderful hobby, simple as that. This does not necessarily mean my art is worthless because I have a different mindset, a different approach... or does it?

What do you guys think? Do you view fanart as a waste of time and talent?

13th - Mar - 2011 - 11:58 pm - Heldensage! I should have known!
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Went to the pub today for the pub quiz. Was awesome. We didn't make it, only the 6th place (out of nine?) but what the hell. I could only contribute with two things: the names of three sexologists (Kinsey, Hirschfeld & Westheimer) and Kitty Genovese. GUESS WHY.
I even drank a glass of beer (Strongbow) and a shot glass filled with ... something... fruity tasting. Nice. Afterwards we scribbled animals with our eyes closed - ah the hilarity.

But that wasn't what I was going to say. I found the DB Kinkmeme.
Someone requested:


Nuuuuuuuuuuu. The mental image whyyyyyyyyyyyyy aaarhgjhdjhskdl.
17th - Feb - 2011 - 06:46 pm - Hávamál
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Ár skal rísa,
sá er annars vill
fé eða fjör hafa;
sjaldan liggjandi ulfr
lær of getr
né sofandi maðr sigr.
Early shall rise
who has designs
on another's land or life:
Seldomly a lying wolf
captures prey,
neither does a sleeping man victory. 
Keep this in mind, folks!

And if you want useless trivia, here you go: Haddingjar
7th - Feb - 2011 - 01:21 pm - Und dann das.
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It's almost a week since my internship ended. I meant to write a mean spirited, judging post full of vitriol about the work and my so called colleagues at the end of January. To get even, in a way. But now that it's over and done, there's nothing left but relief and a tiny sense of sadness. :/ Strange, huh? I don't really feel like writing about the internship anymore, because the tight, hot knot in my stomach vanished the day it was over. And left a blank space instead. I guess it's what happens to most people who work 7 days a week and finally, unexpectedly, are confronted with so called free time. It takes the wind out of your sails.
I gotta admit, I feel a bit lost. I know I got to find some new means of income, and I'm working on it (the chance came flying in just one day after my internship). It's just still so strange not to have to get up at 3:20am, or watch the news, talk to people on the phone. I still got the professional autopilot going when I phone someone. That's nice, I guess, because it lends you confidence, a mask to hide behind. But I am not sure if I always want to introduce myself with my "internship-voice".
Despite the new freedom I still don't go out, still don't meet the friends I promised myself to meet. Because I never really find the opportunity (I know it's been only a few days, 3 to be exact, that I didn't have to work - where I chose to finally go to Ikea and buy the missing furniture for my room instead of... everything else). I hope it will change the next few weeks. :/ I really miss being socially available.
Aaah, but it's still nice not to have to leave the house for 4 days out of 7. All I need to do now is to change my working hours at the JMB from Fr/Sa/Su to something more humane. Oh, and hope for being accepted at the University, of course.
All in all, I feel much more relaxed while still being stressed out. FOR WHAT EVER REASON. There's still so much to do, I don't know where to start, aaaaaah.

I srsly need a paid account again. I miss my icons :C
7th - Nov - 2010 - 02:16 pm - Thunfisch
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I can't believe my first entry in months is about THIS, but I just have to get it off my chest some more, because otherwise I am srsly going to explode.


Saturday (when all the supermarkets are still open, UNLIKE SUNDAYS)
Me: *buys everything for a tuna sandwich*
Dad: You don't need to buy any tuna, we have two cans *over phone*
Me: Uh, ok.... are you sure?
Dad: Yes, positive!
Mom: I left half of the tuna in the can, you can do your sandwich when you are hungry.
Me: Okies.
Dad: Oh noes, it will smell in the fridge. Let me help. *nomnom all of it*
Me: ... hm. I have a bad feeling about this...

SUNDAY (no gas station for miles and all supermarkets are closed)
Me: Lalala, I am hungry *_* I am going to make my super awesome tuna sandwich. Onions, toast, remoulade, lettuce... where's the tuna? ... wh-where is the second can? Hello, tuna T_T Oh no.

-20 minutes of silently crying inside later.-

Aunt: He--hello? Who's there?
Me: Hiiii, happy birthday, auntie. Is my mother there?
Aunt: Why thank you, you are so sweet. Yes, surely. Do you want to speak to her?
Me: .... yes.
Mom: Uh?
Dad from the off: In the cupboard, 's a round can.
Me: Well... there is a round can. With turkey meat in it. Oh, and sardines. Hering, too. And Nutella and honey. Gee, I don't see it. I WONDER WHY I DON'T SEE IT.
Dad: Then there's no other can.
Me: Why, thank you for that insight, Cpt Obvious. What am I supposed to do now? Hum?
Dad: Eat sardines.
Me: I hate them.
Dad: Well, then suck on your thumb. I don't care.
Me: This always, ALWAYS, happens. There has NEVER been a second can of ANYTHING. GOD. *hangs up*

I am so angry, I evolved into Hulk. No shit.
There is still no tuna, btw. I threw the food away, will take the toast and lettuce with me to the little get together tonight and then they can see how they will be able to make their OWN sandwich. I surely don't want any for the next millenia. HOLY SHIT I CAN'T KEEP IT INSIDE, THIS ANGER *needs management*

He srsly needs his eyes checked, tho. He constantly sees things that are not there or buys the wrong things etc. Also, he never apologises, never sees the fault by him, instead the things you get to hear are "Deal with it." I am never going to trust his judgement, ever again. FOR IT SURELY WASN'T THE FIRST AND WITH 150% CERTAINCY NOT THE LAST TIME THIS HAPPENS


2 hrs later, I feel kinda silly for this. Hm.
2nd - Sep - 2010 - 11:10 pm - Hello goodbye.
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A promise is a promise. And it must be kept. Especially if I want to see that drabble from [livejournal.com profile] neekaneeks , who tweaked the prompt a little to fit her needs.

The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I draw a doodle of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.


Also I really need to get out and buy some make up (where to start! I don't have anything to build up on *sobs a little*) and start dressing the way I have wanted to for two years now (anything between 20s and 60s style, shit, they really embodied the word chic). ALSO SOMEONE BUY ME THIS DRESS, auuuugh. And red patent leather shoes,  too...
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