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27th - Mar - 2010 - 11:48 pm - Ubi sunt qui ante nos in mundo fuere?
logeirr: (Mozenrath: Hahaha...no)
Perhaps they were a dynasty or clan competing for power with Offa over the rule of the
Angles though Offa slew two Myrging princes probably the sons of Eadgils not to be
confused with the Swedish king Eadgils this Eadgils was later killed by Ket and Wig
the sons of Freawine a governor of Schleswig who challenged Eadgils to combat
while he was pillaging in the Angle lands, Freawine was killed in combat and the
Myrgings then probably captured Schelswig as they are said to have settled or had
holdings at Schelswig though eventually to be defeated by Offa.

Although the Myrgings only appear in the Old English poem Widsith and not in any other
source there is enough evidence to say that the Myrgings vanished leaving no trace
probably assimilated to the surrounding Angles or were successfully conquered by Offa
who was said to have won a great Kingdom which is most probably that of the conquered
Myrgings if so the Myrgings sense they no longer have a king anymore the only one to
submit to would be Offa.
                                                                                                                                        - Wikipedia

I can't even point out what's more lulz-worthy. That whole entry is just one big uncredited rumble, tho the "not this Eadgils, but this Eadgils"-part is certainly a candidate. Oh Wikipedia. You never cease to amaze me.
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