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17th - Jul - 2011 - 02:37 am - How am I supposed to work tomorrow?
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Met up with Dani, Christian and Nadia at 9pm to play pool in a billard bar near Weinmeisterstraße. Very enjoyable, though the spirits did a nose dive after a while. We ordered pizza which was kind of OK (had to fend off the bar's dog from our food, devious critter), and after two games we left to have a drink or two at Cafe Cinema. Just got home now.

What I actually wanted to say, is this:
Nadia had bought a pair of shoes quite a while ago from a second hand shop. Lovely, fancy things, white and delicate that do not fit her. So I was to have them to wear and flounce around in them. Gosh, they are beautiful.

Now, I finally seized the chance to wear them and... by the time I reached the bar, I was walking barefoot. Have been the whole night since then - never noticed before how clean Berlin's streets actually are. Hardly any glass shards or other kinds of litter. My feet were black by the time I came home, naturally, but not hurting from anything else but the shoes I had worn earlier. I know now why this gorgeous pair was resold. You cannot possibly wear them without abrasions and blisters on the heels and pressure marks along the toes. Satan must have fashioned them himself, no kidding.

I think we will sell them as well. Someone else be subjected to the pain, for despite all temptations, the ache cannot be possibly endured. Not on the long run, no matter how pretty they are.

A few happier notes: I bought Hitman- Blood Money for PS2 finally. Also started reading Going Postal by Pratchett, god, I love that man. And last but not least - I made fantastic Wok-food today: beef, spring onions, sesame oil, soy sauce, orange + orange juice, honey = YUMYUMYUM. Successful Saturday, Y/Y?
15th - Nov - 2009 - 08:51 pm - Beware the work of ancient art...
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Alright, doing Alliteration verses in the tradition of dem Skalds is fucking hard. Ok? IT'S HARD. It's not just putting same sounds together and you're done. Oh man, I wished. ò_ó But I'll learn it, koste was es wolle.

That said, I filled out a character meme (written, not drawn). First time ever. I don't know why I did it - probably because I was procrastinating and I needed an excuse. Which led me to do a lot of research that was - in fact- unnecessary but still enjoyable. Thus filling out this meme took longer than it should have. Woops.

It's pretty dumb so what. ):
13th - Nov - 2009 - 02:04 am - No sleep for the unjust
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First things first:

♥♥♥ Awkwarddddd~

So, I read this little essay [livejournal.com profile] miarr had linked in her lj about the top ten misconceptions about Loki. Interesting read! There were some quotes in there, too, among other things about a seeress who told Odin secrets in exchange for money. After every secret she revealed, she asked asked "wit you more, or what?". That was so darn funny and kinda colloquial that I'll make a tag out of it. xD That's too great to pass up.

That aside, I had the sudden craving to draw Loki. But I am not entirely happy yet. :/ Da kann noch so einiges. Aside from the outfit (that I'll do another time when it's not 2am), I wondered about an accurate yet still unique hairstyle. I suck when it comes to hair. Also: Facial hair y/n? DECISIONS. I CANNOT MAKE THEM. Needs more freckles i hvert fall.

Any thoughts? It's not really him, is it? TOO JOCUND D: (haha, pointy ears)
21st - Oct - 2009 - 02:47 am - Guh.
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Still crushing hard. Ahahahaha *sobs* So much that I want to learn how to draw his face without a ref. It's not easy, I think I haven't drawn so much in the last three months as I've been drawing lately. Practice practice practice.... God, he looks so great He's so small and yet all muscly and wiry *Q* that little psychopath.

Oh, did I mention Watchmen has everthing MTL-fandom hasn't? You know like.... SEX POLLEN FICs. I kid you not. I've always missed that with MTL, those dumb standard-plots with lotsa PWP-Sex. Maybe the series was too brutal and SRS BSNSS to even consider going where every fandom (usually) goes. That'd been awesome, tho. Maybe with the coming new season? Lets hope.

Am still amazed about all the many Nite Owl/Rorschach fics I find. And they are all so, so well written. It really blows my mind, how do they even... JUST CRAZY HOW GOOD THEY ARE D: They manage to capture Rorschach's voice and emotions spot on, especially when coupled with Daniel's awkwardness (and god, is he ever awkward around him xD)

I still cannot decide what's better, tho: Hobo!Walter or "Tailor!Schach" xD (Whoever came up with THAT particular term, pfffffhahahaha). Mwah, Walter sewing ♥♥ *giggles like a schoolgirl*

I feel delightfully indecent and it came all at the right time. Or worst time, depends on the POV. University POV = not so good, because I daydream and draw and don't do my work. Don't even listen to other students when they talk to me. I zoom out all the time gah T_T I AM WEAK. ON THE OTHER HAND... it's wonderfully sinful in a way and great and just unf. The best part about is that he dies at the end. It's so damn tragic and makes your heart ache and yet... you can't help but wonder about him, his life, his morals...

Yeah I'm babbling SO WHAT

;_; I bet everybody hates me now for talking about Rorschach constantly His middle name is Joseph, holy fuck, someone shoot me, I don't think I can handle the cuteness D: But here's the good news: I'M SAHWWWRY!
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