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17th - Jul - 2011 - 02:37 am - How am I supposed to work tomorrow?
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Met up with Dani, Christian and Nadia at 9pm to play pool in a billard bar near Weinmeisterstraße. Very enjoyable, though the spirits did a nose dive after a while. We ordered pizza which was kind of OK (had to fend off the bar's dog from our food, devious critter), and after two games we left to have a drink or two at Cafe Cinema. Just got home now.

What I actually wanted to say, is this:
Nadia had bought a pair of shoes quite a while ago from a second hand shop. Lovely, fancy things, white and delicate that do not fit her. So I was to have them to wear and flounce around in them. Gosh, they are beautiful.

Now, I finally seized the chance to wear them and... by the time I reached the bar, I was walking barefoot. Have been the whole night since then - never noticed before how clean Berlin's streets actually are. Hardly any glass shards or other kinds of litter. My feet were black by the time I came home, naturally, but not hurting from anything else but the shoes I had worn earlier. I know now why this gorgeous pair was resold. You cannot possibly wear them without abrasions and blisters on the heels and pressure marks along the toes. Satan must have fashioned them himself, no kidding.

I think we will sell them as well. Someone else be subjected to the pain, for despite all temptations, the ache cannot be possibly endured. Not on the long run, no matter how pretty they are.

A few happier notes: I bought Hitman- Blood Money for PS2 finally. Also started reading Going Postal by Pratchett, god, I love that man. And last but not least - I made fantastic Wok-food today: beef, spring onions, sesame oil, soy sauce, orange + orange juice, honey = YUMYUMYUM. Successful Saturday, Y/Y?
11th - Jun - 2011 - 02:14 am - X-Men: First Class
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First things first: Crying Erik.

Crying Erik.

What else there was:
Asshole!Charles butting in in people's mind and memories without asking. Btw, I know your pain, horrible what you experienced. But you gotta stay, yeah, Imma gonna make you cuz I just saved your ass. We BBF from now on, RIGHT?
Chubby teen Mystique with no abilities except talking shit and looking for looooove.
Only black guy who is actually also the only interesting character: killed off. Thank you. NOT.
Villain with no real motives, hello Kevin Bacon, and a stupid helmet that likens his nose to that of a pig. I ain't f'king kidding.
That woman with tits and blond hair.
This other woman with tits but no mutation.
Also Mystique showing tits. Did I mention she popped out of nowhere, the hell did she come from?? Didn't Charles' parents have anything to say on the matter of her staying?
Ron Weasley as flying Mothman.
Havoc who?
WTF Soviet Russia bombs YOU.
That guy who controlled... tornadoes, but couldn't apparently talk. He was just there.
Also russian Niet!Azazel, uuuh. Say "niet" again!
Erik and his coin. Crying. Multiple times. Omg, that scene with his mom and the menorah, so special, so touching.
Background music, IT NEVER STOPPED ARGH
Charles reaching for his temple with two fingers is going to be a secret code of idiocy from now on. Or maybe not so secret. Concentrate HARDER. Or yell, depends. Maybe Erik will hear you somehow despite the helmet, uh huh.
Fireflygirl has no reason to join or not to join one side or the other. She's just there and looks shitty.
Erik crying. One more time, c'mon.

I kinda expected Emma Frost to get out the dildo when he said Charles had left a hole in him and he hoped Emma could fill it. That was like... the only time I laughed at the most inappropriate moment (usually I was forcing my mouth shut with my hand or just shaking my head). Alright, ok, when Erik mentioned it was ok for Moriah to come closer while Charles lay in his lap, CRYING, that was pretty funny too.

All in all, Charles and Erik were pretty gay (have been for the entire movie for no apparent reason. SOOOO TIGHT) Maybe it must have been all those deep intense and honest conversations over their two chess games or what have you. T_T It is obvious that the movie was meant to be about Magneto's origins, for all the revenge-hunt down-kill storyline. But it was for nought, since there were simply too many characters, probably to lure more viewers to the theatre. Idk. XMen First Class could have been so much more than it actually was. I srsly missed the depth. The actors were never given the chance to really show their talent with the crappy script. Even a teenager could have written better dialogues.

The thing I will do now is pretend X-Men: First Class never happened. Like X3 never happened. It's all a bad dream, lalala.

At least I still have you, Thor-movie. You are one pretty, shiny movie with Shakespearean ambitions, upholding the ideal of 'showing not telling' and trying to find sense in your character's doings. And your actors are adorkable. Yeahhhhh.

This is all I need ♥

I don't know how to incorporate audio files so here's the original source, listen to this!!
15th - Mar - 2011 - 02:39 pm - Temperament
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Der Unterschied zw. Skandinavistik und Anglistik - Ich habe in einer höflichen Email um einen Termin bei den jeweiligen Studienfachberatungen gebeten und bekam nun diese Antworten.


Hej Lucca,

herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deiner Immatrikulation und willkommen am Nordeuropa-Institut! (Ich hoffe, das skandinavische „du“ ist für dich ok.)

Du kannst gern diese Woche vorbeikommen – ich bin jeden Tag ab spätestens 9 Uhr erreichbar. Nächste Woche bin ich nur Montag im Institut…

Bis dann, Tomas


Mi, 23.3.11, zwischen 10.15 u.11.30h, UL6, R.3018.

Noch Fragen?
13th - Mar - 2011 - 11:58 pm - Heldensage! I should have known!
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Went to the pub today for the pub quiz. Was awesome. We didn't make it, only the 6th place (out of nine?) but what the hell. I could only contribute with two things: the names of three sexologists (Kinsey, Hirschfeld & Westheimer) and Kitty Genovese. GUESS WHY.
I even drank a glass of beer (Strongbow) and a shot glass filled with ... something... fruity tasting. Nice. Afterwards we scribbled animals with our eyes closed - ah the hilarity.

But that wasn't what I was going to say. I found the DB Kinkmeme.
Someone requested:


Nuuuuuuuuuuu. The mental image whyyyyyyyyyyyyy aaarhgjhdjhskdl.
29th - Nov - 2010 - 04:15 pm - Far away from the memories
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It's been so long, I cannot even remember how to start an lj entry. Lots of things happened, a lot of them didn't. But let us just talk about the happy things that DID happen. Funnily enough, happy isn't something I'd applied to the situations at hand right now. A few months ago, I would have been delighted by the prospect, but experiencing reality as a as-is state and not "what might be" tends to have that disillusioning effect.


I got my editorial internship at a local radio here in Berlin. With the end of this week, I'll have worked 3 weeks of the morning shift in one row starting at 4:30am each day, ending at 12:30 pm. I'll be so so glad to get the afternoon shift after that again, I am extremely exhausted. Always tired, always sleepy, never getting anything done. It frustrates me to an incredible extent, where I start to display a violent temper at the slightest occasion. It's ridiculous, really. Should I get counseling?

The internship is anything you can think of: Boring, frustrating, stressful, informative, educating, too early, too late, confusing, infuriating, long winded... I went through fundamental feelings towards my internship over the weeks, differing so profoundly each day it astounds even me. The beginning started off rather promising, but the excitement quickly waned, giving birth to bouts of frustration and readjustment of expectations. Working 8hrs a day without payment can get to you really quickly. Let me tell you this: One months done, two more to go. Thank goodness. I could need some serious sleep here. (The fault lies with me, however. I never manage to go to bed early enough.)

The work at the Jewish Museum is the complete opposite so far. Strangely enough. It's so relaxing and entertaining and fun, even if at parts it can get lonely and boring. Boring is good, I say. It's the kind of boring I can need right now (should it ever get too dull, I have a lot of Jewish history to catch up on). Besides, we get employee discount at the Liebermann's restaurant. Hummus with pita and olives, omnomnom. Cheap, delicious food is always a plus in my book. (There's a Channuka market at the Jewish Museum, too OoOOH) Earning your share of the rent is a great, wonderful feeling, and the last two months healed me from being a lazy bum, turning me into a wonderful busy butterfly. I don't want to sit around any longer, I refuse to remain useless, I refuse to be a parasite any longer. There is no time like now, and I am done wasting my life like this. I have not reached all my goals yet, which is good. Great, even. Without goals, there is no reason to carry on, now is there? Well, except to nourish one's hedonistic tendencies. Which I fully intend to do, when (if!) I find the time, ohoho.

And who knows, next year I might actually have saved enough money to travel to Israel and see the one true wonder of the medieval world, the place so many yearned to see, but never reached. Ah, I cannot wait. It's going to be amazing, exceptional, and touching to see Jerusalem for myself *_* Eeeh.
This aside, here's the good news: We moved. Oh yeaaah. We still need to furniture the flat, but most things are set, more or less. Looks still pretty chaotic, haha. As it wont to be. Unfortunately, my broken heater disrupts the joy of having my own place. I wished my landlady would fix it asap ;-; It's starting to get nasty outside and I'd hate to freeze to death.

So here are the things I want to get done the next year/in the near future:
• Sign up for the medieval studies master's program.
• Buy a car.
• Go on a loooong vacation in Israel ♥
Baby steps, haha. I don't want to fall on my face too quickly. C: It's sort of true, then, isn't it? The more you mature, the more things you suddenly have to organize, manage super important issues like HEALTH INSURANCE WHAT, get the laundry done, earn the rent. Kind of scary, and I am keeping a To-Do list or else I'd forget at least half of it. The worst part, tho, is, that nobody got a bullet proof plan how to get shit done successfully (but then, isn't that part of the adventure?). I guess Peter Pan won't come to my window from now on :C
8th - Nov - 2010 - 03:41 pm - This was not entirely unexpected.
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We got a flat: check.
I got my internship: check.
I was accepted at the Humboldt University: check.
I got a job: double check.

That's how it looks so far. Pretty good, yes?
Well, I am rather sure I got the job at the Jewish Museum. They just called and wanted to have me on the team. But I had to tell them I will not be available all the time for the next three months. And I cannot go to the info-meeting this week, either. So they'll call back next week, probably. With another date. I don't want to lose this job opportunity just because I told them about my time schedule before I signed the contract.
On the other hand, I got a job interview for a call center tomorrow :D They need workers for the weekend. I applied for the position of a Contact Agent for Norwegian costumers, oh yeah, baby. I was born under a lucky star, fufufu.
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