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"it's your destiny!" "no it's not!", 2d animations, a nice bit of gore here and there, anglo-saxons, angsty angst angst and some angsting, anti-heroes, artemis fowl, baseball bats, beards, ben kenobi, british accents omg!, comics, dc sucks... a little, dragon age, dystopia, edda, end of the world-scenarios, erik bamf lehnsherr, family guy, fangirling, fantasy, fjords, fornaldarsögur, futurama, futuristic science, gargoyles, gay porn, good dialogues, harry potter, heroic sagas, hitman, hourglasses, i hate fucking elves, i love my bed, i marvel at marvel, i stalk only marginally, if you strike me down..., it crowd, lets go on a zombie hunt, loki, magic, manly men, medieval studies, men with blond hair and light eyes, misfits' first season, movies, mozenrath, mutant-powahs, nordic mythology, normandy, norway, nr. 47, orkneyjar saga, paganism, philip j. fry, ps2, puck, qui-gon jinn, ragnar lodbrok, raistlin, ranting like whoa, reading stuff about germanic languages, red heads, robbing the irish neighbors, robot chicken, rorschach, rp, samuel vimes, saxons, scandinavian machismo, sci-fi, sigurd dragonslayer, simpsons, skinny wizards, sleep!!! d:, snape snape severus snape, snorri sturluson, soundtracks, spending ridiculous amounts of money on food, star wars, stealing food from friends, stealth-games, terry pratchett, the archeology of weapons, the battle of maldon, the dark ages, the force *a*, the shoessss-a!, the uk, thief: the dark project, this sword needs a name, thor/loki, tom hiddleston, true heroes suffering, twincest, ust, vikings, watchmen, well-dressed men, wikipedia does all my essays, witchcraft&wizardry, x-men
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